Shopping Tips while Visiting Rome, Italy

Published: 30th July 2010
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Rome is the ultimate shopper's paradise and a must inclusion of all Italy vacation packages.

In Rome, you can get to shop for everything ranging from clothes, jewelry, apparel, antiques to chocolates, books, novelties and house wares. While shopping in the historic city of Rome, you can experience an amazing blend of style, fashion, class, elegance and sophistication in each and every shopping item you come across.

The best of apparel shops that you can visit Italy trips include Giorgio Armani, Brioni, Chanel, Ciesse, Fendi, Femme Sistina and Gianni Versace. The common thing about these shops is that they are all in Rome. If you are totally passionate about accessories and religiously believe that they can make or break your outfit, you are up for some good news. You can find everything ranging from the celebrated Giorgio Sermoneta Gloves and the Gucci luxury accessories to the Vincelli silk assortments.

Coming to fabrics, the Casa Del Tessuto stocks fabrics made by the best designers of the world. This shop is renowned for stocking the best wedding dress fabrics and amazing collection of Italian silk. If you are a woman, you have got to have a weak spot for jewelry. In Rome you have the leading jewelry outlets of Bulgari, Giovannetti and Pomellato. Hit these stores and shop for the best jewelry that you can lay your hands on.

Italian shoes are world famous for their style quotient, comfort and the versatility of designs. The Moccia, Petrocchi and the Re Mishelle are the leading brands of Italian shoes for which you can shop at Rome. If you are up for some budget shopping of clothes and accessories, you can very well visit the Dress Agency Donna, located at Rome's Via del Vantaggio. Here you can shop for used designer clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories; and all these items are found in a condition as good as new.

In Rome's Chocolate and Praline Cioccolateria, you will get to taste the most exotic and delicious chocolates during your Italy travel. For all those who want to take back gifts and novelties from Rome, you can visit the Alba Ricami Di Firenze, the Archaeoart and the L'Artigianato. To shop for house wares, go to Stilvetro or Spazio Sette. So when in Rome, get ready to shop till you drop.

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